The left is still trying to make a hero out of that little worm Dr. Fauci.


Fauci is a useless, always-wrong/overpaid government bureaucrat…he’s more politician than doctor, and he plays for the commie team.

All the hype and madness of trying to turn Fauci into a modern-day saint was just more CIA propaganda to keep this politicized virus-train rolling.

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Without Fauci, the whole dog & pony show collapses.

He was the “no-man” to President Trump and the “yes-man” to Joe Biden, and both personas were part of the bigger plan.

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Now, as he tumbles from grace, with all the flip-flops, mistakes, and politics, the “team” has to fire up the PR machine and pump out more “Fauci madness,” so they’ve put together a documentary on the little lawn gnome…and if these early numbers are any indication, it looks like things aren’t going to go well for Dr. Fauci and his North-Korea-style documentary fluff piece.

National Geographic put out a YouTube trailer for the documentary a month ago, and since that time, 7.2K have “liked” the trailer, and a jaw-dropping 74K have given it a “thumbs down.”


Check it out:

I actually just went and looked at the “live” numbers, and it’s actually 87K who’ve given it a thumbs down.


And in case someone tries to tell you that it’s “bots” voting it down, no way.

The comments on the trailer are endless and brutal.

Here is just a small sampling:

“Can’t wait until the Nuremberg 2.0 trials begin! I hope they are live-streamed and we can all watch him be held accountable to the most strict measure!”

“This guy is a monster and he’ll be remembered a such. It’s not so much that he funded gain of function research that resulted in the deaths of millions of people. …it’s that he used his position to try to manipulate the narrative for almost 2 years to cover his tracks. Anyone with a conscious would have come clean, apologized and stepped down by now.”

“RIP Nat Geo for hooking up with this ghoul, it was a good run except for the last 10-15 years.”

“Going to fauci for covid advice is like asking a arson how to put out his fire”

“And just like that, the last remaining shred of respect or trust we had for natgeo… just faded away”

“Funny how the biggest criminal wants people to feel sorry for him. Maybe in another timelne dude. But people aren’t that stupid anymore.”

“This trailer should be about Fauci’s trial at Nuremberg Pt. 2”

You can check out the comments here.


Looks like the “propaganda” for Dr. Fauci has officially run out…and sadly, National Geographic is going down with the ship…

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