Those of you who read Wayne Dupree often, know that I spend a lot of time perusing the internet to find interesting things that you may not see on other sites…


Well, I did that again today, but I think you might want to tar and feather me after you see this 12-second clip, because honestly, it’s so creepy and horrifying, that it’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

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But, if I had to see it, so do you – that’s my philosophy anyway.

But seriously, if you’re squeamish about bugs and such, I’d suggest you steer clear of this clip because it really is a horror flick.

I wish I could tell you exactly what this is – the consensus from most people who’ve responded is that it’s a real video, and it’s not a “spider” but a possible nest of “Dance Beetles”  or some other beetle larva with their “queen.”

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“For those saying this is not real, it definitely is real. It’s just very unusual to find one on the walls of a home. This appears to be a large queen, which prefers cool dark spaces like caves and under beds.”

I tried to look it up online, but I couldn’t find any information.

I think this nightmare speaks for its self…whatever it is, I wouldn’t want it in my house, would you?

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the responses:

“Damn, what COVID variant is this?”

“I feel like I need to see a hand next to it. Part of me suspects it is 1 cm long but zoomed in to make it look huge.” 

“Looks like an alien egg sack waiting to hatch and attack.”

“I’m calling the police.”

“Invasion of the body snatchers! We’re all doomed!”

“Is this in Australia? They are known for mutant bugs like this”

“Did someone sneeze out a Covid?”

“Thanks for the nightmares!”

Like I said, I dunno what exactly that is, or the actual size of this demonic thing, but the video has gone viral all over the place, so I wanted to share it with you.


Sweet dreams!

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