Well, Chris Cuomo is in more hot water.


You’ll recall his last scandal involved him helping his perverted brother write statements to try and weasel out of the bevy of sexual harassment allegations being hurled at him.

And now, we can see why Chris was so eager to help.

Looks like the family that “gropes” together, stays together.

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It appears that Chris is also guilty of getting “handsy” with the ladies.

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In one very BOLD move, he actually got very touchy-feely with his boss, at a party, while their spouses were there.

Chris later apologized for his actions in an email to his boss…But Tucker says, too late, the damage is done, and Chris will be getting the boot from CNN…


Bizpacreview reported that if Tucker’s prediction proves accurate, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is headed to the unemployment line now that a sexual harassment allegation against him has surfaced.

Cuomo is “clearly getting fired,” Tucker Carlson told Megyn Kelly during a wide-ranging interview on her podcast. ‘He’s done.” He also implied that additional allegations perhaps might be on the horizon.

In an essay published in the New York Times, former ABC News executive Shelly Ross accused Cuomo, who worked at that network before joining CNN, of groping her. Ross noted that Cuomo subsequently apologized in an email with the subject line “I am ashamed.”

Tucker, the host of his eponymous show on the Fox News Channel, implied that since Ross is a major player in the media, “It’s not a small thing at all.”

“This is a very powerful person accusing Chris Cuomo and proving that he acted like a pig,” he claimed.

CNN is the same channel that allowed the Trump-scorning Chris Cuomo, who was photographed wearing a “Truth” T-shirt over the Labor Weekend, to conduct back-slapping, if not cringey, interviews with his big brother, now-disgraced N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, about the latter’s so-called leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, CNN apparently did not discipline Chris Cuomo for reportedly trying to help his brother behind-the-scenes fend off the Democrat politician’s sexual harassment scandal that prompted his resignation.

Carlson also implied that more accusations might be forthcoming (which history has shown often happens when one person goes public with a #MeToo situation).


We knew this was coming. One of Andrew Cuomo’s accusers had tweeted out that Chris was about to face his own #MeToo-type scandal…and Tuckers probably right…Where there’s one accusation, there’s more…a lot more.


Let’s hope Tucker’s right, and Chris is fired. What a great “get” that would be – taking down both perverted Cuomo brothers in about a month…

The only sad part is that Andrew won’t face justice for all the deaths at the nursing homes.

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