America is having its second love affair with President Donald Trump.


The first time was back in 2016 when this larger-than-life persona re-emerged on the scene with his gruff, but loving ways, and his no-holds-barred attitude.

Now, it’s some five years later, after a sham election and a so-called “president” who is destroying everything he touches, America is once again missing and loving the guy who made us all great again.

And you can see it everywhere you look nowadays…from all the signs and flags to the massive number of people who show up at his rallies and to the crowds who are spontaneously breaking out into chants for President Trump.

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Like the crowd at last night’s Holyfield/Belfort fight in Hollywood, Florida.

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As you likely know by now, the Prez was calling last night’s fight – and he did a great job – flawless, seamless commentary – can you imagine Joe Biden doing that?

Dementia Joe doesn’t have the mental capacity to comment on his breakfast, let alone keep up with a boxing match.

At any rate, as President Trump was chatting with the other commentators, the crowd broke out into a rousing “WE LOVE TRUMP” chant…and after that, they chanted “SPEECH, SPEECH, SPEECH,” because they wanted to hear from Trump.


It was a remarkable moment.

You can watch the video below:

Ya know they’ve tried so hard to suppress President Trump and this movement…and what we’re seeing unfolding right now in this country just goes to show how badly they’ve failed.

They’ve removed him from social media, they ban his speeches, yet, even so, President Trump remains a beloved leader.


That’s what a real movement is…it stands the test of time, and all the attempts to squash it.


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