There are a few new things sweeping the nation right now…


Firstly, we have the “F Joe Biden” chant – that thing is all over the country, from college football games to the Ryder Cup to random food courts at the mall. It’s great to finally see the country come together, right?

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The other phenomenon sweeping the nation is “Trump Won.”

I mean, honestly, does anyone (with a straight face) actually believe that this bumbling halfwitted fool Joe Biden, actually got 81 million legal votes? Seriously? Especially after what we saw in the Arizona audit.

I don’t think a lot of people are buying it.

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The “Trump Won” flags are everywhere, as it becomes increasingly clear that Joe Biden has no actual support-base or movement, whatsoever.


And the built-in voters he has just because he’s a “Democrat” are even abandoning him, as his approval ratings continue to tank into the low 40s, which means they’re actually in the 20s.

So, yeah, this story that we’ve been sold about Joe Biden being the most popular “president” in US history is starting to really smell funny to an awful lot of people…and as a result, you’ll start seeing more and more “Trump Won” type of stunts all over the country.

And speaking of that – I found this funny one that took place at the LA airport.

Somebody paged “Trump Won You Know It” inside the Los Angeles International Airport.

Now THAT is creative and funny.

We definitely need more of this.

Nothing makes the elites more uncomfortable than stuff like this.

That’s why the “F Joe Biden” chant is so successful – elites hate being publically mocked and humiliated more than anything else.


It’s their number one “Kryptonite.”

So, keep this stuff up. It’s working.

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