Nicki Minaj, of all people, is really starting a big anti-vaccine trend.

Her recent post on Twitter which condemned those who are bullying others to get the vaccine has sparked a huge discussion across the nation.


Previously, anyone who spoke negatively about the vaccine on social media would face quick punishment, but Nicki Minaj, with her millions of followers was able to finally slip past the guards.

And now there’s another big name to join her crusade against vaccine pressure: former American Idol host Randy Jackson.

Jackson recently spoke out in support of Minaj on Twitter, stating that the vaccine is not something we should be “bullied” into it’s a “sad day in America” when we’re punished for exercising our “God-given freedoms.”

“I support & echo @NICKIMINAJ’s intelligent advice to use prayer, critical thinking not be bullied into making a very important decision about your body & personal health. It’s a sad day in America when we are censored, cancelled & ridiculed for exercising our God-given freedoms”

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Of course, the left is going absolutely nuts over Jackson’s tweet, with many of them suggesting that Randy’s statement should be censored.

“Just because you are exercising your God-given freedoms doesn’t exempt you from criticism and censor. Our hospitals are OVERWHELMED with unvaxxed Covid pts and CANCELLING & DENYING care to others. The personal decisions of the unvaxxed affect ALL OF US.”

“bullied into taking a vaccine that will save your own life and those around you?”

“If there is a textbook example when canceling should apply is this one.

Someone is giving you information that is utter nonsense but not just nonsense advice that could kill you.

Cancel these people and be sure to never acknowledge their existence in life”


Gotta love the kind and caring left right?

It’s amazing the hate and vitriol anyone faces for having a differing opinion.

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