The “Horsewhip” saga was one of the most desperate moves the Dems have made since the Kavanaugh hearings.


By now, I am sure you’ve seen the picture and know the story of Border Patrol on horseback, trying to capture illegal Haitians who are trying to get into the country, and Dems decided that the reins were whips and the agents were “whipping” the “poor” migrants.

Of course, none of that happened. Not even one bit of it.

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It was nothing more than a farfetched, goofy lie – yet, even so, the Dems went all-in on it – even Joe Biden – who has vowed to make the border agents “pay,” for what they did…he claimed they were “strapping” black people (whipping them) – doing his best to conjure up visions of “slavery.”

That’s how desperate Joe is to change the narrative.

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Problem is, none of that ever happened.

So, when Peter Doocy got a shot to question Biden’s DHS Secretary Mayorkas, he made sure to use a flame-thrower on him.

Here’s what went down:


MAYORKAS: “The results will be driven by the facts that are determined.”

DOOCY: “Is it helpful for your investigation for the President of the United States to use inflammatory language like ‘people being strapped?'”

You can watch the video below:

Ouch. Well played, Peter.


Thank God for Doocy, if he wasn’t there doing his job, there would be literally zero accountability.

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