Did you know that “science” changes when members of Congress and their staff are involved in something?


Yeah, it’s crazy, but apparently, the COVID virus stays away from Congress and only travels to US companies with 100 or more employees.

What a crazy phenomenon, right?

Obviously, that’s not true and it’s screwy as hell, as is most everything with this “pandemic.”

But it is true that Congress and its staffers are exempt from Joe Biden’s little Hitler-Esq “mask mandate.”

That’s right because we can’t have the political elites being inconvenienced and told what to do, can we?

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I swear, COVID-19 is the biggest “class warfare” BS on the planet.  We’ve got Gavin Newsom dining at fancy French restaurants, and Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done while she stuffs spoonfuls of her $17 dollar ice cream in her vodka-piehole.

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And that is the bomb that Laura Ingraham dropped today on Biden and his mandates…she called out the fact that Congress and their staffers are exempt from this draconian garbage.

Is that because it’s science?


As Laura points out this isn’t about stopping the spread of COVID.


It’s about punishing “Trump supporters,” even though, the majority of people who are unvaccinated are lower-income Blacks and Hispanics.

But Biden knows that there are a lot of Trumpers out there who he can go after, and of course, that’s what he’s doing.


Here’s what Laura said: “Why is Congress and its staff exempt from the Biden vaccine/testing mandate? Because it’s not really about stopping the spread of COVID, that’s why.”

Laura’s right.

And to make matters even worse, when Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki if illegals coming across our border would be ‘mandated’ to get the vaccine, she said a big fat NO.

And we’re supposed to believe that this is all about “science” and “health and safety?”


If Biden really cared about the safety of the American people (he doesn’t, he’s a sociopath), he’d have closed our border instead of allowing hundreds of thousands to just pour through.

This isn’t about health or science – it’s all about power and punishment.

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