Joe Biden is in the dog house with the American people for a lot of reasons.


And it’s not just the disaster in Afghanistan – it’s a lot of things.

The Southern border is a mess, inflation is sky high, gas prices are soaring, the economy is lagging, crime is high, the country is divided, and our foreign policy is abysmal.

You just can’t get worse than that – Biden is on a roll, and he’s tumbling down a dark abyss of low approval ratings and seething anger from his fellow Americans.

One recent poll has his approval at 42 percent and 52 percent polled want Biden to resign.

Do you think President Biden should be impeached for the crisis in Afghanistan and loss of American lives?

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You don’t get much worse than that after only 8 months in.

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And although Biden is languishing over many issues, his Afghanistan debacle is still piping hot.

Especially involving the death of our 13 brave heroes.

And through it all, Biden has made one slurring speech after another and each time he’s brought up his deceased son Beau and it’s really starting to feel as if he’s using Beau as a political shield.

Yes, Beau served in the military, but Beau tragically died of brain cancer.

Biden has brought up Beau in nearly every speech or comment he’s given in public on this Afghanistan nightmare and it makes no sense, except that he’s using it to gain empathy points.

But after the meeting with the Gold Star families, people had had enough and started speaking out.

It’s alleged by many Gold Star family members that Joe seemed less interested in what they were going through and more interested in talking about Beau…and some families were offended, and even called him out on it.


It’s now gotten to the point where many Americans are politely (and some not-so-politely) asking Joe to stop bringing up Beau.

Take a look:

“We have all known someone close to us who has died of cancer. For Joe to constantly bring up Beau for sympathy, who didn’t die overseas because of gross incompetence, is a disgrace.”

“Maj. Beau Biden, an Army National Guard lawyer, served honorably in Baghdad. His early death from brain cancer was tragic but has nothing to do with Afghanistan or those killed there. Mr. Biden is not a Gold Star father and should stop playing one on TV.”

REMINDER: Beau Biden did NOT die in combat.”


Enough about BEAU. Joe has exploited him; even implied that Beau died in Iraq. Not true. Beau Biden served honorably as a military lawyer while on leave as Delaware Attorney General. Beau’s service doesn’t give Joe special insight. But As a Cheesy Politician,he BRAGS that it does”

“I can’t believe Joe Biden had the audacity to talk about Beau Biden.”

Covert narcissists are notorious for using their children’s suffering to manipulate other people. This is why Joe Biden performs this routine about Beau Biden whenever he can’t answer a question.”

Does anyone at this point really care about Beau Biden? I’m frankly a little disgusted to have him used as a prop to cover up the wholesale carnage that Biden’s policies have wrought”

“Joe Biden needs to stop using Beau Biden as a shield. American blood is on his hands!”

National Review wrote a really good piece on this topic.

What happened to Beau Biden was, indeed, terrible. But the comparison with the Kabul Thirteen is grotesque. Beau Biden did not die violently, in combat, while serving on the front lines in a foreign land, but of brain cancer, after a long medical struggle, in an American hospital. Beau Biden was a soldier who died too young; but he did not die too young while soldiering. And Joe Biden is not some powerless parent; as a senator he voted to authorize the war, and as president he contrived the plan that led to the failure that led to the bloodbath. At the margin, it is true that President Biden has “some sense, like many of you do, what the families of these brave heroes are feeling today.” But this is also true of anyone in the world who has lost someone they dearly loved. Mercifully, Joe Biden is not a Gold Star parent. Mercifully, Joe Biden does not have any particular insight into the experiences of Gold Star parents. Next time he stands at a podium, it would be appropriate for him to remember that.

And they also touched on what happened with the disastrous meeting with the Gold Star families.

As a rule, one should always temper comments made by people who are in agony. And yet, reading through the reports from Biden’s meetings with the families of the deceased, a definite pattern emerges. According to the Washington Post, the widow of Rylee McCollum was disappointed that Biden “kept checking his watch and bringing up Beau.” Mark Schmitz, the father of another fallen Marine, Jared Schmitz, noted that “it just didn’t seem that appropriate to spend that much time on his own son,” and recorded that when he suggested that Biden learn more about those killed, he was met with the irritated rejoinder, “I do know their stories.” And Shana Chappell, the mother of Marine Kareem Nikoui, wrote to Biden on Facebook “you tried to interrupt me and give me your own sob story.” There is, of course, nothing that Biden could have said to have forestalled some of the anger thrown his way. That, though, is no excuse for making it worse.

I can’t imagine the pain and horror of losing a child, and I pray to God I never do…as a parent, I empathize with Joe for his loss, but it is starting to feel like he’s using Beau as a shield.

And Joe has a bad pattern of this…he lost his first wife and young daughter in a tragic car accident many years ago, and later, when he would retell the story on the campaign trail, he’d embellish it to make himself sound like more a “victim” by saying that they were killed by a “drunk driver.

No, they were not.

And Joe smeared that man’s name – who was not at fault for the accident – for years by making that false claim.


So, I think that’s why a lot of people believe that Joe is once again, using a relative who’s passed away to provide cover and empathy points and to deflect away from his own issues.

It’s not that people dislike Beau or his memory, they just don’t like what his father appears to be doing with that memory.

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