As you likely know by now, popstar Nicki Minaj cast doubt on the COVID vaccine in a tweet recently.


What she mentioned about “swollen testicles” caused by the vax, may or may not be true, we really don’t know, because it hasn’t been tested for a long period of time.

But her overall message was “just think about what you’re doing,” and in my opinion, that’s a fine message to spread.

The White House doesn’t agree, though.

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They completely flipped out, and actually contacted Nicki and invited her to the WH so they could “educate” her.

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Nicki was also severely bullied on social media by the usual suspects from the left’s “goon army.”

It was quite a sight to see and had a very “North Korea” vibe to it.


And this young man’s response to Jen and the White House is pure scorched earth fire…be warned, language is bad, but the message is spot-on.

You can watch the video below:

This guy is 100 percent right.

We’re treading into some very dangerous and bizarre waters right now, with all of this “controlled” speech and thinking.


One of the MAIN reasons people don’t trust this vaccine is because it’s being pushed by a man who looks to have a raging case of Alzheimer’s.

He lies, and/or gets things wildly wrong or confused all the time regarding COVID and the vax, so why would people trust HIM?

It’s insanity.

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