Joe Biden doesn’t sound very good…and no, I’m not talking about how he can hardly string a sentence together and looks like a gray, sickly old man…It’s his new nasty cough…it sounds pretty bad.


And he coughed an awful lot while he was in California the other day.

So much so, that people were wondering what the heck is going on with this guy.

Delta, Joe??

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Did the teleprompter say “COUGH” on repeat?

If not, then it sounds like Joe is sick…why else would he be coughing like a loon during a “pandemic?”

Apparently, he was also coughing up a storm recently in the East Room of the White House.


It’s so bad and so worrisome, that Jen Psaki actually got blindsided about Joe’s nasty cough at today’s presser. And as usual, Jen flubbed the question and was unable to actually provide an answer as to why the heck Joe Biden is hacking up a lung.

She really does suck at her job.

You can watch the video below:

So, let me get this straight, we’re in the midst of this supposedly deadly pandemic, where the vaccinated are catching “breakthrough cases” at an alarming rate, and the unhealthy, mentally unfit so-called “president” who is pushing vaccines on everyone, is now hacking up his guts, and that’s perfectly normal?

Okay, Jen. Sure, whatever you say, lady.


I guess we just need to pretend that Joe’s cough doesn’t exist, just like we do with his raging case of “Alzheimer’s.”

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