Today marks the 20th anniversary of the deadly 9/11 attacks.


Never Forget.

And on this day, we remember the innocent victims who died and the first responders to perished trying so hard to save them.

It still chokes me up, even as I write about it now.

Like most of you, I can still remember that day and how I felt as I watched the images on Fox News. Utter disbelief and horror and a feeling that nothing would ever be the same again…and nothing has been the same, the world changed that day.

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I saw this tweet today from a reporter in Australia who I love, she works for Sky News and is a great conservative patriot.

But the quote she shared, actually made me cry. I’d like to share it with you because it’s powerful.

Rita Panahi shared an article from Esquire Magazine called “The Falling Man.”

It’s an image that I know is still so hard to see.

Here’s what she shared: “‘They began jumping not long after the first plane hit the North Tower, not long after the fire started. They kept jumping until the tower fell. They jumped to escape the smoke and the fire…they jumped just to breathe once more before they died.’”


That last line is what got me: “they jumped just to breathe once more before they died.”

Oh, God, those poor people…

Well, as I continued on my quest to search the internet for interesting things to share with you, I happened upon something that I didn’t even realize had happened.

It’s a video and I think you’ll find it interesting…

Did you know that James Woods inadvertently tried to stop the 9/11 attacks from happening one month before they occurred?

Yes, it’s true and it’s even been corroborated by the FBI.

Turns out in August of 2001, Woods was on a domestic flight and he witnessed “Middle Eastern” passengers behaving very oddly.

The FBI believes that this was the hijackers who were doing a “dry-run” for the 9/11 attack.

Here’s James discussing it on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News just after the attacks happened.

You can watch the video below:

What a remarkable story.


But it doesn’t surprise me — James Woods is a hero…he was then, and he still is now.

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