It’s not “breaking news” that Harry is a weak henpecked shell of a man who basically exists in his overbearing wife’s shadow.


I think by now, we all have seen that to be true.

It’s actually kind of sad because I believe that a lot of that comes from the fact that he lost his mom at such a young and pivotal age in his life.

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If you ask me, Harry is looking to replace Diana with all the women that he dates – and he settled on Megahn because he was drawn to her “rebellious” spirit that his mother was known for.

But Meghan is not really “rebellious” and certainly not like Diana – she’s more opportunistic and wannabe “progressive feminist.”

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Which is stomach-churning.

Diana was thrust into a situation that she really didn’t want, but mucked through it, even though the entire time her husband was in love with another woman.

Meghan sought out Harry, and had studied the Royal life, she knew what she was getting into, but when she landed the gig, it felt too “fuddy-duddy” for her taste so she wanted to move on…and she brought her golden goose along for the ride, like it or not.

That’s my take, anyway.


And now, Harry lives in the shadow of his wife on her turf – in Hollywood – even though she’s a D-list “Canadian TV” actress (Suits was filmed in Toronto, not Hollywood).

But the fact is, that Harry abandoned his Royal heritage to be the sidekick to a USA TV channel nobody-actress…and he’s now relegated to the background while she shines bright.

And nowhere was that more obvious to everyone than on the “TIME Magazine” cover.

Everyone who looked at it could see how the photographer took 6’1 Harry and had him cowering behind his larger-than-life wife, Meghan…
Take a look:

Here’s what folks online had to say about the “optics” of this image:

I just realized he’s wearing black & she’s in white. TIME is ridiculous”

“This man could have never been king” 

“Can’t wait for his apology divorce tour after she’s done with him”

“He looks like a cowering little weakling” 

“The Prince of England, everyone…LOL” 

“He’s just a little side attachment/accessory. Her hair full blown, placing her central. Power hands. So much wokeness/female empowermentwent in that pose. Feel sorry for him. You can empower each other and still be unapologetically yourself too, you know?”

“Honestly this cover makes me super uncomfortable. The symbolism, the positioning, the poses? No thanks.”

“Pegging the Monarchy”

“They’re just one big pathetic PR stunt for the Progressive Agenda. It’s fake just like everything else we see on TV and the News.”

“He’s cowering behind her and she’s standing on a platform for this photo. He’s like 6 inches taller than her in real life. He’s a royal and she’s what…. Nothing? She really does have him by the balls…”

“I feel really sorry for this man. He has mommy issues.”

Well, I guess Harry must like things this way – he wants to play emasculated stooge to his more “powerful” wife, so let him have at it, but there are prices that we pay for our choices.


It’s really unsettling and dangerous what progressives are doing to men.

We need the strength and reason of men in power – not weak men who lurk in the shadows.

Besides, why do women have to tear men down in order to build themselves up?

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