Fox News has not been the same since Roger Ailes passed away.


Roger understood his viewers — and he catered to them as any good businessman should.

But then he passed on, and Trump happened, and the world suddenly changed.

By 2020, everyone in media, and social media had come together for one common goal – get rid of President Trump.

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Ratings be damned.

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Happy customers be damned.

It became more important to stop Trump than to make money and keep customers happy…and by the looks of things, that appears to still be the case.

A big shakeup just happened over at Fox News – they’ve hired a flaming anti-Trump TDS personality and not just as a “pundit” or contributor.”

They actually gave him his own show.

Looks like Fox News wants to make sure they can do their part to help squash President Trump if he runs again.


Why else would they hire Piers Morgan, who turned on President Trump and went full-blown TDS after the sham 2020 election?

That’s right, Piers, “Mr. Trump-Hater” and “Mr. Gun-Hater” will join Fox News with his own show, and also write for New York Post.

Washington Examiner reported that reporter and television personality Piers Morgan has signed a global deal with News Corp and Fox News Media, where he will host a new TV show under both brands.

Morgan’s new show will launch in early 2022, airing on weeknights in the United States , the United Kingdom , and Australia . Morgan will also serve as a writer for the New York Post and the Sun, publishing two weekly columns online for the outlets, according to a press release from Fox News.

The only thing that Piers and I agree on at this stage of the game, is cancel culture is a cancer and Meghan Markel is a monster.


Other than that, I can’t see how Piers Morgan will be used for anything other than a parade of anti-Trump rants.

If you ask me, this is another move by Fox News to make sure they have their guns loaded to take aim at Trump if and when he runs.

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