As you likely know by now, Joe Biden is mandating vaccines.


A vaccine that he once touted as “immunity,” and we now know is basically just a glorified flu shot, after so many vaccinated people have caught COVID.

A vaccine that he and his so-called “VP” pooh-poohed when it was “Trump’s vaccine.”

And a vaccine that worked so “good” that Joe and Kamala kept their masks on for months after taking it, and had people wondering “well, why on earth would I take that stupid vax if I have to keep wearing a mask?”

Yes, that’s the vaccine that Joe is now forcing Americans to take – and is Joe taking responsibility for sending out a confusing and mish-mashed message, resulting in about 100 million Americans saying, “no thanks” to the vax?

No, of course not.

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He’s blaming Americans like he always does.

Countless people are livid over this “draconian push,” as they should be.

Nobody should threaten to take away your food and the roof over your head so you can forcibly take a vaccine that seems very “sketchy” to many people (for some of the reasons that I mentioned above).

And people are fighting back. Ben Shapiro over at the Daily Wire is fighting tooth and nail against Biden and for his employees, as are governors and AG’s all over this country.

And what do you think the fine folks over at the so-called “conservative” Fox News network are doing?

Are they fighting this tyrannical move as a show of force against Biden and solidarity with their viewers?

Um, no. Of course they’re not doing that.

OANN White House reporter Emerald Robinson is reporting that Fox News is now demanding to know the “vaccine status” of their employees, proving once again that Fox News is part of the “Biden establishment.”


Here’s what Emerald said: “Fox News is demanding to know the vaccination status of their own employees.”

I would expect nothing less from Fox News.

They’re not on our side. They only cater to you because it lines their pockets, but when it really matters, and when nobody’s looking, they show who they really are.


Just like they did on election night, and now this…caving to Biden’s Hitler-whims, instead of standing up and fighting.

Completely worthless. 

Fox News is shameful, and they’re not worthy of your views and clicks.

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