I am curious – do liberals really think that berating, screaming, and demonizing a huge swath of Americans is the best way to try and convince people that their way is the “right way?”


Because that appears to be their go-to strategy when it comes to pushing this COVID vaccine.

It’s a bizarre strategy that looks and feels a lot more like unhinged and emotionally unbalanced people having a spazz-out session than calm people trying to rationally explain their side of the story.

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Liberals are frustrated that they can’t “control” everyone, and they’re also natural “abusers” and “bullies” so they’re using the vaccine as an outlet to do just that – abuse and bully their enemies.

But the problem for liberals is that their victims aren’t budging, and it’s causing them to literally lose their marbles.


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Just look at CNN nutjob Don Lemon – he’s now yelling at unvaccinated people and telling them to stop going to the hospital – for anything, apparently.

And while the man literally loses his mind, his stooge sidekick, Chris Cuomo is right there nodding in agreement and saying, “I love you, D. Lemon.”

In all honesty, what Don Lemon is saying by now “advising” people with medical issues what and what not to do with their bodies and their conditions should open CNN up for lawsuits.

What if someone listens to Don Lemon, and doesn’t seek out care and ends up dying?

Don Lemon’s rants are starting to sound dangerously “criminal,” if you ask me.


This is a very slippery slope that the liberals are venturing down.

What’s next? The “elderly” are taking up valuable hospital beds? People, who are overweight are too much of a burden on the healthcare system? Anyone who smokes, should know better, and they don’t deserve care…you see where I’m going with this, right?


This is the path that we’re heading on right now, and we need to soundly and loudly reject it.

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