The TV show “COPS” was yanked off the air in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing.

Corporate America was scared to show police officers busting bad guys…but now that everything has calmed down, and the suits at Fox aren’t scared of being attacked by the woke mob, they’ve decided to bring the popular show back, and liberals are furious.

Bizpacreview reported that after its year-long hiatus, “Cops” is returning to Fox this fall.

Fox News Media will air the 33rd season of the “documentary reality legal program” on Fox Nation, Fox News’  streaming platform, on October 1st. As part of the return debut, four episodes will be included in the initial release, with additional episodes scheduled for every Friday night.

The long-running favorite was taken off the air by Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) in 2020, in the wake of the death of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. “Cops” was not the only casualty of the national mood of the moment, with A&E’s “Live PD” also getting yanked from the air. Critics also complained that the show glorified police violence and unfairly portrayed racial minorities.

And liberals are furious.

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“Cops” is classist trash dedicated to dehumanizing poor people and especially poor black people for ratings and profit. They’ve been caught framing people for crimes they didn’t commit. Just pure exploitation.”

“It’s a horrible horrible show and I judge anyone who watches it”

“F*ck “COPS”. Nobody give a shit about a reboot of that mess. Leave it in the 90s where it belongs”

“Cops, the show, has always been a psyop to motivate people to cheer the violation of our fourth and fifth amendment rights”

“Some unruly, uppity kids never outgrow their need to watch the regular beat-down of minorities, especially by the po-po…”

“Whoever turns this channel on again is a weak whimp.”

“Shameful. Glorifying cops killers” 

“Shows like this provide empirical evidence that police across the nation treat various groups of people differently than others. Binge watch these types of shows and you can see for yourself the bias exhibited by police officers”

“COPS was one of the most insidious pieces of law enforcement propaganda on TV.”

“Rebranded as “Pigs”

Cops and Live PD should have never been taken off the air, to begin with.


Just more overreaction and virtue signaling by corporate America.

Will these people ever learn?

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