The American people and Republicans just earned a huge victory in the Senate, and it was all thanks to the Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, who was appointed by Dems.

She literally just saved the Republic.


She has ruled against Dems hopes and dreams to sneak a massive immigration reform into their $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill.

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This move from the Senate parliamentarian essentially stops amnesty in its tracks and kills it, and Chuck Schumer is in an absolute tailspin.

But it’s not just immigration – they also can’t use the bill to push their green agenda – that means, all the stuff they promised their voters, is out.

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Experts are saying that this move by the parliamentarian is a death blow to the Dem party as we head into the 2022 mid-terms.


MSNBC, of all people, put it best, and really explained what bad shape Dems are in right now, as a party.

We’re talking “catastrophic” stuff, folks.


It really is a disaster, folks.

NPR reported that Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has ruled against Democrats’ efforts to include a massive immigration reform effort in their $3.5 trillion proposed spending bill, dealing the party a setback that very likely closes the door on efforts to include a pathway to citizenship in the partisan legislation.

Democrats and Republicans made arguments more than a week ago before MacDonough, several congressional sources told NPR. Democrats argued that a pathway to citizenship for 8 million immigrants would raise the budget deficit by about $139 billion, a congressional source said, and such an impact would be the rationale for including it in the reconciliation process, which is reserved for budgetary legislation.

That process allows Democrats to pass legislation with a simple majority, sidestepping a filibuster by the GOP in the 50-50 Senate. Republicans have been steadfast in their opposition to the move.

Although MacDonough’s predecessor had warned this could be the outcome, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats expressed deep disappointment and vowed to continue fighting for new pathways to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally.

Schumer said Democrats would hold additional meetings with the parliamentarian in the coming days to try to find alternate ways to include the citizenship opportunities. However, the odds are stacked against Democrats with no such precedent.

Meanwhile, the US border looks like something out of a doomsday movie.


And where is Joe Biden while this disaster is unfolding?


He’s on “vacation” – yet again – in Deleware.

F Joe Biden.

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