Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.


And instead of allowing this day to be about the victims and their families, the globalist elite cabal, consisting of establishment Republicans and Dems, decided to politicize the somber memorial, and turn it into another propaganda circus.

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And the main CLOWN who led the festivities was none other than traitor and warmonger George W. Bush.

Bush delivered a shameful speech where he compared Trump supporters to the 9/11 terrorists, claiming they both share the same “soul.”


It’s was a disgusting speech and a jaw-dropping comparison, but it’s not surprising.

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The globalist elites – the same ones to worked for 5 years to bring down President Trump – have been milking the January 6th melee since the day it happened. And it’s not resonating with the American people. It’s very difficult to compare a 3-hour scuffle/tourist event, where the only person killed was an unarmed Trump supporter, to a day where over 3,000 Americans perished…but that’s what the Dems did — ALL DAY LONG.

And it’s not that they believe this to be true – they don’t – but it’s an opportunity for them to demonize President Trump and his supporters, so they went full-steam ahead.

And one conservative journalist who listened as George W. Bush basically claimed the folks at the Capitol were “terrorists,” just like the 9/11 hijackers, made a very keen and powerful observation about what W’s words actually meant.

Julie Kelly is an amazing writer for The American Greatness, and she’s done some really good work reporting on the 1/6 dustup.

But it’s her observation about George W. Bush, and how truly evil his words really were, that caught my attention.

Here’s what Julie Kelly said: “After 9/11, Ashli Babbitt asked her mom to sign a waiver so she could enroll in the military at age 17. After graduation in 2003, she went into the Air Force. She had 8 tours overseas including Afghanistan. Today her former commander in chief compared her to a 9/11 terrorist.”

I never thought of this, until Julie pointed it out, but she’s right.

What a powerful and heartbreaking observation this was.


And this observation, in my opinion, really reveals exactly what an evil monster George W. Bush truly is, and who he’s “working” with, and what his agenda really is.

He’s a shameful traitor…another “John McCain” or “Mitt Romney.”

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