Joe Biden and his commie buddies have done more to divide and destroy this country than anybody else has.


All in the name of “health and safety.”

But let me tell you something – the government doesn’t care about your health. If they did, they’d be preaching about healthy eating every day, not offering free donuts to take a vaccine that is ravaging obese people.

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If they really cared about your health, the government would lower the cost of insulin, and make cancer treatments affordable to everyone.

But they don’t do any of that, so it’s very hard to believe that all they care about is your “health,” right?

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Look, if you want to take the vax because you’re in a high-risk situation, go for it. But those people who are healthy and take care of themselves, or who have natural immunity should not be bullied and browbeat into injecting a fluid into their bodies.


Like this brave patriot said, it’s un-American.

This young black guy and his family walked into a Brooklyn restaurant and were told to leave because they’re unaxed, and that sparked him to go on a “segregation” rant that was so good, it’ll have you cheering.

You can watch the video below:

He’s right. These mandates are segregation, especially when you think about the fact that most of the unvaxed are people of color.

God Bless this guy for having the courage to stand up and tell all of these pompous jerks off.


This isn’t about “Republican vs Democrat.”

It’s about communist vs patriot.

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