I regret to inform you, that Joe Biden is still losing his marbles.


During a disastrous presser following disgraced Cuomo’s announcement that he was stepping down, Biden told reporters that Cuomo did “a hell of a job.”

This is the guy who not only killed thousands of elderly people, but the New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office says they found proof that Cuomo committed at least 11 separate acts of illegal sexual harassment.

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“ONE HELLUVA JOB!” … says one accused sexual predator to another…

Of course, the WH had to swoop in and try and fix things…yet another blunder by the Nursing Home in Chief.

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Bizpacreview reported on the exchange:

“You’re someone who spends a lot of time with mayors and governors. How would you assess his 10 and a half years as governor of the state?” CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O’Keefe asked Biden Tuesday afternoon.


“In terms of his personal behavior or what he’s done as a governor?” the president responded.

“What he’s done as a governor,” replied O’Keefe.

“Well, he’s done a hell of a job,” Biden answered. “Both on everything from access to voting to infrastructure, to a whole range of things. That’s why it’s so sad.”

Psaki tried to claim that Biden was only talking about “infrastructure” when it came to the president’s praising.

Here’s what Jen said: “@potus responded to a specific question today about @NYGovCuomo work on infrastructure. He also made clear it was right for @NYGovCuomo to step down, reiterated his support for women who come forward, and made clear you can’t separate personal behavior from other work,” she wrote on Twitter.

Biden then got “testy” when CNN asked him to comment on Cuomo’s charges.

You can watch both videos below:

The reason Biden got testy was probably that Tara Reid has similar credible charges against him.


And speaking of Tara, she’s calling on the WH to seriously investigate her claims – something they have yet to do, even though Jen Psaki claims it was “heavily investigated.”

No, it wasn’t.


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