America is deeply hurt and wounded after what Joe Biden has done to this country in only 8 short months.


Between the Southern border here at home that’s been flooded with migrants, and the biblical hell he’s unleashed in Afghanistan, it’s like all of our worst nightmares about this inept senile buffoon have come true, tenfold.

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We’ve lost 13 US service members, nearly 200 people who died at the airport, a family of 9 innocent people who were killed in one of Joe’s drone strikes, and all of those people who fell off the plane in the early days of this mess.

It’s a disaster. We are better than this. We’re better than the inept buffoon who’s been installed to “lead” us.

And speaking of that – the former owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers believes that as well, and he put his money where his mouth is, by taking out a FULL PAGE as in the Wall Street Journal to shame Joe Biden.

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Ted Cruz actually shared a picture of it.

The last line is my favorite.


“You have caused Americans eternal shame.”

The last line is my favorite.

“You have caused Americans eternal shame.”


It’s only been 8 months, folks. We’ve got to flood the polls and take back the House and the Senate.


I know “elections” are a sore spot, but we’ve got to keep fighting to make the necessary changes and then watch every race like a hawk.

It’s our only hope to fight against this deranged dementia-riddled man who appears to be literally plating for the “other side.”

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