This year’s Olympic Games has got to go down as one of the most disappointing in history.

These athletes have proven that they’re not playing for our country, but for themselves, and as a result, our countries performance has gone completely down the tubes.


You’ve got gymnasts who are saying they don’t owe anyone a gold medal and just one disappointing performance after another.

To make matters even worse, the woman’s soccer lost to Canada, and star liberal player Megan Rapinoe is sounding off and showing the most embarrassing level of unsportsmanlike conduct.

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In a shocking move, Rapinoe insulted the Canadian women’s soccer team by suggesting it was “extra embarrassing” to lose to Canada, and then actually threw her own teammates under the bus, blaming everyone for too many “errors.”

From Breitbart

After the U.S. women’s soccer team lost 1-0 to Canada on Monday at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, forward Megan Rapinoe told reporters, “Obviously, we never want to lose to Canada. I don’t think I’ve ever lost to Canada. … this sucks. It sucks.”

“It’s terrible. We just didn’t have it today,” Rapinoe said after the game. “Just too many errors from us again. I felt like the space was there for us to play, and we just couldn’t get into it, too many touches or, you know, an errant touch.

“That’s football. They got, I think, one shot on goal, a PK, and from what it sounds like, it was a PK. So yeah, it’s a bitter one to swallow. Obviously, we never want to lose to Canada. I don’t think I’ve ever lost to Canada.

“So it’s a bitter one. Obviously, there’s still a lot to compete for. That’s what I told the girls and what we talked about in the huddle. It’s not the color we want, but there’s still a medal on the line. That’s a huge thing, and we want to win that game, but yeah, this is … this sucks. It sucks,” she said.


She’s a real class act, eh?

Look, I get it, it’s an embarrassing loss – but to say what she did about Team Canada – especially at the Olympics – looks trashy and smacks of sour grapes and poor sportsmanship.

She’s a horrible winner and a horrible loser.

It’s a sad day when you’re actually rooting against your country in the Olympic Games.

But it’s hard not to when these virtue-signaling athletes are ruining this wonderful, ancient event.

Once again, the left has ruined something else…

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