I love how the left likes to pretend that the audits are a joke and don’t bother them, but then turn around and have mental breakdowns over them on live TV.


Look, let’s be honest…nobody with half a brain actually believes that a man with a raging case of Alzheimer’s won 81 million legal votes.

Do I think the election will be overturned? No. I don’t. But I do think whatever is found will be used to push more election reform and as a campaign weapon in 2024.

But I don’t know if Rachel Maddow will make it that long.

This woman is literally having nervous breakdowns on live TV over these audits.

Who peddles the most fake news on CNN?

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She looks and sounds like a madwoman. Maddcow disease? Maybe…

One Trump supporter put together this compilation video of the best freakout moments from her latest show – and it’s a doozy.

I feel like the men in the “white coats” should come and take Rachel Maddcow away…



Would Rachel have a career if she didn’t have Trump to talk about?

That’s another reason she’s clinging to these audits – desperate to keep spoon-feeding her paranoid TDS viewers their daily bowl of “Orange Man Still Bad.”

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