Joe Biden’s admin has declared that anyone who doesn’t fall in line with COVID measures are now “terror threats.”


Along with anyone who dares to question that perfect 2020 election, where an “Alzheimer’s patient” got more votes than any other US politician in history.

So, when over 1000 patriots showed up in Oaklahoma to peacefully protest vaccine mandates, and sing the national anthem, in Biden’s world that was a gathering of “domestic terrorists.”

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But when ANTIFA and BLM burn cities to the ground for 3 months, that’s just a “Summer of Love.”

Sure, that makes perfect sense, everyone…

Koco 5 News reported that hundreds of people (it turned out to be over 1000) gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday for what they called the Oklahoma Freedom Rally, with many protesting against mandates on the COVID-19 vaccine and masks.

While hundreds of people made it inside the Capitol rotunda for the rally, hundreds more were still outside as of 5 p.m., waiting to get in. Some even held their own mini-rallies.

People inside the Capitol sang “America the Beautiful,” chanted “USA!” and recited the pledge of allegiance. Many held American flags and signs that said “no vaccine mandate,” “protect our freedom” and “mandate medical freedom.”


You can watch the video below:

“I do not want to see us be mandated for masks or vaccines because that is our right to choose what’s best for us,” a rallygoer said. “So, that’s why I’m here – to support for freedom, to choose.”


Gee, what a “terrorist,” right? Send that guy to GITMO, he’s a clear and present danger…

But he actually is a “danger” to communist Dems, who want nothing to do with patriotism and love and country – they’re on a power trip and anyone who doesn’t come along willingly will be forced.

That’s the Dem/Commie way and the type of evil we’re battling against.

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