Americans watched in horror as the so-called “president” of this great nation turned Afghanistan into a bigger hell-hole than it already was.


In what is arguably one of the biggest foreign policy blunders on earth, Joe Biden managed to kill, maim, or abandon thousands of Americans, Afghans, other foreigners, dogs, and America’s dignity in about one week’s time.


And then, after he did all that, Joe took a “victory lap” to celebrate the amazing job he did.

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No, folks, I am not kidding, he really did that.

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But Afghanistan isn’t the only failure Biden has tucked under his belt – as a matter of fact, we’re about 8 months into this sham “presidency” of his and there is literally nothing we can point to that Joe has done which has benefited the American people.

Unless of course, you think inflation, high gas prices, a COVID “reboot,” and a disaster at the southern border are a benefit…because if you do, then yes, Joe has scored big for us.

The sad reality is that Joe is a dud, but he’s a dangerous “dud,” because just like being “woke,” everything Joe Biden touches turns to sh*t.

And that’s where a rather brilliant Trump supporter comes into play…

Earlier today, I was searching online, like I always do for interesting things to share with you, and I happened upon this tweet from a Trump supporter and it struck me as a very interesting observation, and I believe there’s some truth to it.


After all, our children really are a reflection of who we are, both good and bad, and that apple never falls very far from the tree, does it?

Here’s what the Twitter user “TMK” said:

“After witnessing how Biden has destroyed America in the past 8 months, is anyone really that surprised how Hunter Biden became such a lowlife degenerate?”

It’s interesting to me because we spent four years listening to the media tell us what wretched people Don Jr. and Eric were – Ivanka too. But why? There was never a reason, it was just because they shared the same DNA as Trump.

That was enough, though. Orange Man Bad!!

And it’s true, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and all his kids for that matter, behave just like President Trump does: strong, capable, successful.


And the same goes for Hunter, who behaves exactly like his father: screw up, irresponsible, weak.

So, I guess when you look at it that way, everyone who voted for Joe should’ve seen this was coming, right?

Joe Biden is turning America into “Hunter.”

A screwed-up, weak, irresponsible nation.

I think that perfectly describes what we all just witnessed in Afghanistan, wouldn’t you?

I think Trump supporter “TMK” is onto something…

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