I haven’t seen the press this angry at a politician since Trump was in office. It’s amazing what’s happening, it’s like all of a sudden, the veil was lifted and these propaganda zombies woke up from a slumber and decided to actually report on the news.


Do I think it will last?

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Probably not.

But for a short time, it’s refreshing to see some sliver of honest news from places like CNN and ABC.

And right now, everyone’s mad, disgusted, and fed-up with Bumbling Joe, who botched the withdraw from Afghanistan so badly, that it’s literally become one of the biggest foreign policy blunders of all time.

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Yes, it was time to leave Afghanistan – it was a time 20 years ago – that’s not the point.

It’s HOW we left that is shameful beyond belief. There are still people of ours who are stuck over there in very dangerous situations, and they don’t know if they’ll make it home or not.

Not to mention all the Afghans who helped us when we needed them who got kicked to the curb, and finally the billions in military equipment that we didn’t secure and is now in the hands of the enemy.

A complete and total mess.


And that’s what President Trump said in his most recent statement.

One sentence: “It’s not that we left Afghanistan. It’s the grossly incompetent way we left!”

And that is what has reporters like Jake Tapper spitting mad and downright disgusted.

Biden, who spoke nationally today after backlash for “hiding in his basement” for two days, did not take responsibility for the disastrous withdraw. He blamed President Trump and the Afghan Army, instead of being honest and saying, “Hey, I screwed up and I’m sorry, but here’s how I plan to fix it.”

Americans are pretty forgiving people – but we don’t like being played as fools and lied to, and so far, that’s all Joe has been doing to us.

Jake Tapper is disgusted by all of it – so much so, you can see it on his face as he shreds Biden’s speech today.

You can watch the video below:

And it wasn’t just Jake Tapper. ABC also ripped into Biden:

Look, Joe Biden will not be able to spin his way out of this one with a PR world salad.

Once again, we all have eyes and ears and can see and hear for ourselves what’s happening.


The “fantasy land” ramblings of a man with a raging case of dementia will not change the reality of what is going in Afghanistan right now, and it’s all thanks to Joe Biden’s ineptitude.

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