I don’t think there’s ever been a time when so many conspiracy theories have been running wild at once.

It’s no wonder, many people don’t trust the government or the media.


I also don’t think there’s been a time when so many so-called “conspiracy theories” have actually come true.

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We’re definitely living in some very strange times…and they just keep getting weirder.


Take this video I am about to show you – it’s “weird” with a capital “W.”

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Folks online are claiming that the government is running “subliminal COVID” messages on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium.

I saw this and thought, “Oh come on, give me a dang break…” and then I watched it and was like, “okay, what the heck is THIS?? Bad marketing? Someone trying to be funny?”

So, I decided to just show you and let you be the judge.

When you watch – please pay close attention to the airlines” being advertised right under the image, okay?

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what folks online said about this:

“All I’m seeing is predictive programming with a NY looking virus with Delta under it, and that nice triangle next to it.”

“Yeah totally not planned…”

“I mean, they’re really not even trying to hide it at this point, are they?” 

“Huge red flag when they are pushing the vax this hard.”

“Vaccine marketing”

“Weird… this is spot on… That’s definitely some subliminal PsyOps at work.”

“I guess that is a close-up of the Delta Variant?”

“Simple message: Fly Delta, Catch Coronavirus”

“Pretty soon they’ll be sending out large poster size photos of Joe Biden with a booger on his chin that the government will require be hung in the living room of every American”

“Avoid Delta like the plague!”

“So the NY Yankees are super spreaders?”


I don’t know what the heck that was, or why it was up there – but my money is less on “government messaging,” and more on some neurotic liberal millennial who works in the marketing department, who’s desperately trying to remind people to take the vax.

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