You remember the CNN reporter who claimed the Taliban were “bizarrely friendly” right?


Well, she’s singing a totally different tune now, and at the moment, she’s Joe Biden’s biggest nightmare.

MORE NEWS: Nat Security Journo Reports Sources on Ground Telling Her Americans Being Physically “Beaten” by Taliban Forces

She’s in Kabul – at the airport actually, reporting on what’s happening on the ground in real-time, and it’s yet more “disaster” for inept Team Biden.

Her name is Clarissa Ward, and she’s reporting on what’s actually happening inside the airport, not the propaganda fluff we’re being spoonfed by the lying and untrustworthy Biden admin.

And as it stands now, it’s more chaotic than ever. According to Clarissa, it’s devolved into a filthy, unsanitary hopeless cesspool, with people wondering why the “strong USA” isn’t doing more…

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Here’s what she’s saying (relayed via WAPO reporter Josh Rogin):

[email protected] is inside the Kabul airport and it’s still total chaos: “During the last 8 hours… we have not seen a single U.S. flight evacuate people.” #[email protected]

“More @clarissaward describing the horrendous conditions inside the airport: “I’m watching children coming up to me, being like, ‘Please can you get me some food.” So, it’s clearly not working.” “Why did it have to be that way???” It didn’t.”


[email protected] says people inside the Kabul airport are living in filth and despair. “I have people coming up to me and saying, “America is supposed to be the greatest superpower in the world. What the hell is going on here.” That’s kind of the attitude.” Shameful.


We are the strongest military might in the universe, and yet, we’re standing around with our thumbs up ou butt because the Biden admin doesn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Americans are stranded and told by the Biden admin that they have to make their own way to the airport – which means going through 8 or more dangerous Taliban checkpoints.


We’re hearing US citizens are being beaten by Taliban forces, even after they show their US passports – but Biden admin thinks this is perfectly acceptable to force innocent Americans to go through, in order to get to an airport, and then be forced to pay $2k for a flight back home?

Good Lord, this is criminal at this point.

It’s an outage, so yeah, I don’t blame people saying, “WHAT THE HELL IS THE US DOING??”

I am wondering the same damn thing.

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