Well, it looks like CNN’s brief exploration into telling people the truth has ended rather abruptly.


Their foreign correspondent Clarrissa Ward, who was stationed inside and right outside the Kabul airport, and who was making Joe Biden’s day a million times worse with her reporting, has been shipped back to the US.

Clarissa is the same woman who, when this all first started, claimed that the Taliban were “bizarrely friendly.”

Well, after she and her crew were nearly pistol-whipped by the Taliban, she changed her tune.

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She also didn’t waste any time going after Biden, with a vengeance.

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Here she is calling him a “failure.”

But many speculate what got her in the hottest water, was when she revealed what was really going on at the Kabul airport – chaos, hunger, filth, and people wondering what the hell happened to the once-powerful USA.

She also said that no planes had been taking off.


All of what Clarissa was saying, was the polar opposite of what was coming out of the Biden admin.

A writer for the popular political blog “Conservative Treehouse” believes Clarrissa’s reporting on the lack of planes leaving was what finally did her in.

Ron Klain, Biden’s chief of staff, had just put out a tweet about how 5,700 people had just been evacuated, and that didn’t “jive” with Clarisssa’s reporting, so she went “bye-bye.”

Well, so much for CNN doing actual reporting.


It’s like CNN forgot for a minute that they’re a political SuperPac for the Democrat Party.


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