Chris Cuomo is on a so-called “planned” vacation that just happened to coincide with the world finding out that he’s been helping his perverted brother behind the scenes with his “sexual harassment” scandal.

A very unethical thing to do.


Turns out that Chris actually wrote one of the statements that his disgraced brother Andrew released on the matter.

Nothing like injecting yourself right in the middle of the story and then going on TV and saying you can’t comment on the story, because he’s your brother.

What a sham this guy is. 

Not soon after this all came to light, Chris went on “vacation,” and calls for him to be fired grew louder and louder, because of the “ethical” questions involved.

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In addition, Chris’s shamed and humiliated brother Andrew also stepped down as governor of New York.

The whole family is a shameful mess at this point.

And the once “mouthy/tough guy” Chris, who is famous for his “Fredo Roid Rages” and getting into fights with concerned neighbors, is now a meek little pussy-cat when approached by a reporter.


You can watch the video below:


A little shame and humility will go a long way to help reform this blockhead.

Chris has been sitting atop his high horse for a long time now, and Karama was due to knock him down a peg or two.


And more could be coming for Chris, this isn’t over by a long shot.

It really doesn’t pay to be a nasty, hypocritical jerk, does it?

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