I am not sure why the White House rushed to unlist Biden’s speech today. I have my thoughts on the matter, but it’s just my opinion, not based on any facts.


The whole thing started with Joe being over 2 hours late to his own speech.

We were told that it would be a speech on Afghanistan, and the new (horrific) developments that occurred today.

So, what happened today?

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Well, in a nutshell, we discovered that the Taliban is running everything, even US foreign policy at the moment.

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They would NOT allow Joe Biden to extend the 8/31 deadline to leave the country. The Taliban called it a “red line” and said if Biden stayed longer, there would be “consequences.”

Biden quickly decided to leave, even while our European allies begged him not to do it.

A complete and total disaster.


German officials said that there is no way in hell we’d be able to get all of our people out in this little amount of time, heck, even crazy TDS Liz Cheney agreed with that.

And Fox News reported that US troops have already begun deploying, prompting many to believe that Americans will be left there to die.

So, it’s been a bad day for Joe and for America.

When Joe finally decided to show up, he started talking about the budget bill. As a matter of fact, the Afghanistan mess was like 3rd down on his list – again, people were horrified.

Imagine having family or loved ones stuck over thee and you tune in and see this jackass talking about a budget bill? My God…

Biden left without taking any questions and the last question you can hear being shouted at him is about “standard Americans.”

But he just kept shuffling himself right out the door.


And then, right after, the clip was unlisted.

Did they unlist it to edit out the “bad” parts? Who knows.

But I think it was something much simpler than that.

I think THIS is why they removed it…so those “thumbs down” numberss didn’t get any higher than they already were.


No matter the reason, it’s just another “weird” thing that Team Biden does, that makes this entire sh*tshow we’re watching look and feel even more contrived and bizarre.

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