Today, the bodies of the fallen US service members were brought back home.


Joe Biden, who Americans blame overwhelmingly for the deadly disaster that has unfolded in Afghanistan, attended the dignified transfer, even though reports indicated that some of the families didn’t want him there.

Which is understandable.

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Biden’s inept handling of Afghanistan has infuriated Americans. He removed all the troops, shut down a secure airbase, where thousands of ISIS prisoners were then set free, and Taliban forces confiscated 86 billion in US military equipment – and all of this was done before he evacuated everyone out.

He then had to use the unsecured Kabul airport to evacuate a sea of people which resulted in a dangerous and disorganized mess, and to make matters worse, Biden put the Taliban – a terror group – in charge of our military’s security.

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As a result, ISIS detonated suicide bombs, killing 14 US service members and countless others at the airport.

To call this a “catastrophic debacle” is putting it nicely, and if Joe Biden had any sense left in his dimwitted brain, he’d resign.

So, after all of this, many people are disgusted and offended to even see him and his ghoulish wife at the dignified transfer.


And, to make matters worse, now people are saying that Joe Biden, while at the transfer, was checking his watch.

Does he have something more pressing to do? Is the ice cream melting?

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say about the clip:

“Total douche bag”

“Getting ready for his afternoon nap.”

“We’re 15-minutes past waffle cone time” 

“This is disgusting he wasn’t elected and his administration killed these soldiers”

“”If we leave now, we can avoid traffic, having to listen to the families of the fallen and be home in time for the “Matlock” marathon!”

“This guy and his whole family are just disgusting” 

“Lord forgive me I hate this man”

“Stood most of the time with hands behind back, c’mon man how much longer? Let me check my watch.”

“Like he can tell time anymore!!!!”

“Seeing if it was time for some more Adderall.”

“This is just disresectful” 

“Well, what do you expect from the man who murdered all of them?”

Here’s what James Woods had to say:

I’d also just like to say one thing – liberals are defending Joe looking at his watch, claiming that his son Beau died in combat, and that is Beau’s watch he’s wearing.



Joe’s son died of cancer. His death had nothing whatsoever to do with the military.

His other son, Hunter, was booted out of the military for drug use.

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