CNN reports that Joe Biden killed a family of 9 during his “drone strike” against ISIS.


Biden claims that his strike killed 2 “high-level” ISIS terrorists, but they refused to give the names of the people they killed, which caused suspicion.

Why wouldn’t they release the names?

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In addition, ISIS isn’t usually shy about martyring their people, yet, they haven’t mentioned any high-level deaths.

The entire situation seemed very sketchy to a lot of people.

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And then foreign accounts on Twitter started reported a story about a family of 9 that were killed by Biden’s drone.

What’s still unclear is if Joe actually killed the “phantom” ISIS terrorists and these innocent people got caught in the cross-fire, or if these were the only people who died.

Afghan official Muslim Shirzad claims this was the only vehicle struck, and this family was in no way part of ISIS.

CNN reports that nine members of one family, including six children, were killed in the drone strike, a brother of one of those killed told a local journalist working with CNN. US Central Command said earlier they were assessing the possibility of civilian casualties.

Neighbors and witnesses at the scene of the drone strike in Kabul told CNN that several people were killed, including children.
“All the neighbors tried to help and brought water to put out the fire and I saw that there were 5 or 6 people dead,” a neighbor told CNN. “The father of the family and another young boy and there were two children. They were dead. They were in pieces. There were [also] two wounded.”
One man told a journalist working with CNN who visited the compound that “a rocket hit and six people were in there who have been killed. There was a car inside.” The journalist was not allowed to enter the compound.
Another man said that he heard the sound of a rocket and gained access to the scene from a neighbor’s house. “First we managed to remove a 3- to 4-year old child. The fire and smoke had engulfed the whole area,” he said.
He added that “three people were inside the car” and three others were outside the car. The injured, who included children, were taken to the hospital, he said.

This is the video from the scene.

Here’s what Don Jr. said: “So Joe killed a bunch of civilians to make himself look like a tough guy? Just imagine if this was DJT. CNN would be calling for him to be in front of The Hague.”

Here are other comments on the drone strike:

“If Trump had ordered a retaliatory air strike that killed an entire Afghan family liberal US media would be losing their mind about his recklessness and how “the cruelty is the point” tweets but since Biden did it it’s treated as an unavoidable reality of war.”

“Not only did the Biden administration not kill two members of ISIS-K, as reported by their media propagandists without confirming it… – They murdered children. Fuck these people. War crimes. Indictments now.”

“News headlines should be leading/updated with how 9 members of an Afghan family, including 6 children, were killed in today’s US drone strike not that a single suspected ISIS-K suicide bomber was targeted.”

“It’s looking more and more likely that the US drone strike wrongly targeted a family in Kabul. 9 members of one family killed including 6 children.”

This is shameful.

What the hell is Joe Biden doing?


How much blood and mayhem will he unleash before he’s forced to step down?

He doesn’t have his wits about him, and innocent people are dying as a result.

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