Today on War Room Steve Bannon dropped a little nugget that I thought you might find interesting – it’s not “scientific” or anything like that – just a little blip Steve mentioned that caught my attention.


It’s only 14-seconds long, but it’s something interesting to ponder as we get ready to head to the election cycle again.

It involves our biggest money wheelers and dealers, and how they have a bit of a “theory” if you will, about the election…well, it’s more than a theory, according to Bannon, they’re pretty damn sure of it.

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Bannon, who is obviously well-connected, says that he has talked to all the major hedge fund guys – guys who literally hate Trump so much, that even the sound of his name pisses them off – and Bannon says that every single one of these guys claims that it’s “mathematically impossible” for Joe Biden to have won the election.

So according to Bannon, even the hedge fund guys who despise Trump think something “funny” went on with the elections.


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You can watch the video below:

Now, I don’t know what “mathematical” formula anyone used for this – but I think the more interesting point here is that many people – even those who don’t like Trump, do believe that s0mething was off about the 2020 election.

So, it’s not just some “kooky” fringe conspiracy, as the media likes to claim.

And I believe Bannon talked these people – my gosh, for a whole there the 2020 election was all anyone talked about.

I know recent polling shows that a growing number of people doubt the election results:


And as we see more and more how mentally off Biden is, and how inept he is at handling things, it makes more people question things – and rightfully so.

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