I feel like I should make a disclosure here – I’ve had to work with many fact-checkers and the majority of them that I’ve dealt with have been quite fair. Now, I’m not saying that to be a “brown-noser” or anything like that, it’s just been my experience thus far.


But with that said, I have seen a lot of “fact-checkers” who are not fair and some who have also abused their role, and many who appear to be very politically motivated.

It always amazes me how CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, and WAPO get away with telling years’ worth of lies (Russia, Russia, Russia) and nothing happens to them.

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They quietly issue their “corrections” that nobody sees, and everything is a-okay until they spill the next batch of propaganda, and on and on we go.

This is a cycle and a pattern, and everyone can see it, and this is why Americans have no faith in the media and also why they don’t trust many of these “fact-checkers.”

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So, when the guys from the “War Room” invited fact-checker Alan Duke on their show, they asked him a pointed question about whether or not he fact-checked CNN for their blatantly incorrect reporting on January 6th and officer Sicknick’s death, specifically…

His response says it all…he was stammering and stuttering all over the place…of course he didn’t fact-check CNN.


You can watch the video below:

It’s stuff like this that just fortifies Americans’ feelings of distrust against the entire media complex.

And I don’t know if it’s that these media elites don’t realize how badly this impacts overall trust with the American people, or if they just don’t care because they feel they have all the power anyway, so “screw” the peasants.


Either way, it’s a bad situation.

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