Why do these liberals have to lie all the time?


It’s like they’re so desperately lonely without Trump, who gave them a reason to constantly “outage” tweet, that now, they’re just making stuff up to get attention.

Well, that’s what TDS comedian Wanda Sykes appears to be doing.

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Wanda took to Twitter, where she informed her followers that she had just run into Seve Bannon on her flight, and she was giving him the “stink eye.”

She wanted to make sure that he followers knew that she “engaged” Bannon with dirty looks.

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Here’s what she said:


“Y’all, Steve F’n Bannon is on my flight. I’m gonna double check that this plane stops in Albuquerque first before it continues on to hell.”

“I gave him the stink eye at baggage claim. And my stink eye is on another level.”

But, there was just one little problem.

Steve Bannon wasn’t on that flight.


As you know, Bannon is banned off Twitter, but he had his War Room co-host address Wanda’s false claims.

And Raaheem’s response was pure gold.

Here’s what he said: “Dear @iamwandasykes, Steve has asked me to let you know that he is not on your plane, and has not flown commercial in 5 years. He says he’s gotten stink eye from real witches, not pretend ones. And from me: stop psychotically eyeing up strangers because they’re white.”


How embarrassing.

Either Wanda had the wrong guy and was running around giving some random guy dirty looks, or she just wanted some attention and made the whole thing up.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Typical liberal just giving random people dirty looks.  they’re so hateful” 

“I’ve seen your so-called “comedy” routine honey… and Hell doesn’t get worse than THAT” 

“Without Trump, Wanda goes back to being a washed-up un-funny comedian.” 

“Hey Wanda aren’t you friends with NM House Majority leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton??? Can you ask her where that 5 million she embezzled is hidden?”

“these losers won’t admit it, but they all miss Trump” 

“Gosh, how low do you have to go to make dumb stuff like this up?

“That poor guy she was giving the “stunk eye” to was probably like what the hell is happening here?” 

“This woman is secretly in love with Tump and Bannon and the whole 2016 gang” 

“Wanda, get a life, you loser” 

“Desperate for attention, lady?”

“It’s had for all the Resisters – they have no “shtick” anymore,so they have to make shit up” 

Pretty embarrassing for Wanda, but not shocking.

This is the same mindset that Jussie Smollett had when he pulled off his stunt.


They all want to look like “heroes,” because they’re such failures in real life.


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