I have seen a lot of reporters humiliated over the years, as I know you have as well.


We’ve seen Trump savage them, DeSantis wreck them, and Ted Cruz and even Lindsey Graham make these fake news reporters eat their lunch, right?

But you and I have never – and I mean NEVER – seen anything like what Vernon Jones just did to an unsuspecting CNN reporter.

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Vernon is running for governor of Georgia, and he was chatting with the press today with Rudy by his side when the topic of “election integrity” came up.

I’m sure this CNN reporter thought his typical “biased” question about “Jim Crow” election laws (yada, yada) would elicit the predictable snarky response from the Republican candidate and then everyone would go off on their merry way – he could have never imagined what actually ended up happening.

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Not only did Vernon Jones commandeer the man’s camera crew and started interviewing him – the reporter – live on his own network, making a complete fool out of him, but then Vernon took it about 1000 steps further, and claimed that CNN actually stands for “Controlling Negro Network.”


Vernon then went into an explanation about the name, claiming CNN wants to control how black people think.

The look on that reporter’s face was absolutely priceless. He looked like a cross between a deer stuck in headlights and a 5-year-old who just pooped his pants at school.

Vernon then finished off CNN, by calling them “fake news.”



I gotta tell ya, I’ve never seen anything like THAT done to a reporter.


I bet that guy wishes he never asked that stupid question, right?


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