The GOP has really proven itself to be beyond useless.

At this point, it’s a mystery as to what they’re even fighting for.

We’ve got literal “political prisoners” being held by Biden’s DOJ, and the GOP is tweeting out support for Cuba.

Yes, we love Cubans, but let’s focus on our own communists at home before we try and help others, okay?


And what about the sham election? It’s the single biggest issue to the majority of GOP voters, and most of our politicians have barely uttered a word about it.

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Gee, thanks for the support, guys.

And where is the GOP when Biden is constantly attacking the “unvaccinated” and demonizing Trump supporters? And what about all these vaccine mandates? Is the GOP just going to allow us to go careening down this slippery slope with no pushback whatsoever?

Again, thanks for the support, guys…

And don’t get me started on social media censorship. The main reason the GOP won’t do anything about it is because most of them are “bought off” by Big Tech…namely: Jim Jordan.



Let’s face it, the GOP has zero intention of standing up for their voters and the future of this country, and at this point, we’d be better off if the majority of them stepped down.

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And that’s precisely what Trucker Carlson is calling on them to do.

If these bums can’t do their jobs and fight for us – I mean really dig in and fight – then they should quit their jobs and go make sub sandwiches at Quizno’s.

Watch the video:


It’s just become such a joke.

I’m telling you, we need to make this primary season an absolute political bloodbath and get rid of a lot of this dead weight – yes, even some of the “popular” ones need to go too, because we simply can’t win with this low-energy army of nincompoops.

We need ruthless and creative fighters to beat these commies and save this country.

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