Joe Biden was awakened from his nap and shuffled onto Air Force One by his Handlers, and shipped off to Pennsylvania, where he gave yet another slurring speech…This time, it was about “voter integrity.”


“Election integrity” is something that Joe Biden wants NO PART OF…how on earth would never win again, with “voter integrity?”

Biden and the Dems are scared-stiff because PA now wants to do an audit of 2020 similar to what AZ is doing.

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So, half-asleep Biden was placed in front of a microphone with his 5th-grade flashcards and tried really hard to read what other people wrote for him.

He now says “voter ID” laws are the worst thing to happen to America since the Civil War.

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What the hell is this stupid old fool talking about?


Voter ID laws are literally one of the “rare” bipartisan issues in this country. A sweeping majority of Americans approve and want them.

You can tell Dems are completely at their wit’s end when they start playing the “worse than…” game. That’s when they know they’re upside down on an issue and are grasping at anything. They’re doing the same thing with January 6th by calling it “worse than 9/11.”

Here’s what President Trump said:

“Joe Biden is going to Pennsylvania today in a rush in order to stop the Forensic Audit that the Pennsylvania Republican Senate is in the process of doing. Philadelphia was a cesspool of corruption, which will soon be revealed by the audit…

“Why are they so concerned that a President, who never goes anywhere, would hop onto beautiful Air Force One and head to Philadelphia if it were an honest election? Why not let the audit go forward and make everybody, on both sides, happy? The results will be the results…

“But they know it was not an honest election… “Remember the poll watchers being thrown out, the windows being sealed so nobody could look in, the ballot drops, and all of the other events that took place that changed so rapidly the Big Trump Win on election night…

“Let the Forensic Audit go, Joe. Don’t fight it. Show them how honest it was.”

If Joe’s got nothing to hide, he’ll happily go through with any audit, and he’ll welcome “election integrity.”


I mean, he’s supposed to be the most popular man on the planet – what the heck is he so scared of?

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