What’s happening at the border is a complete and utter “disaster” to any normal patriot who loves their country and who cares about humanity and safety.


But to Dems, this is an opportunity to fortify their political power.

What the Dems are doing right now at the border is setting themselves up nicely down the road.

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Ten, or twenty years from now this entire country will look *and vote* completely different if Dems have their way.


And in keeping with that “theme,” during Tucker’s show, he released a very disturbing bombshell.

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He said he’s confirmed that the new “woke” US military is secretly moving illegal aliens throughout the country.

That’s right – our “progressive” military is now a weaponized arm of the Democrat Party.

And if you’re wondering why Dems don’t seem the least bit concerned about what’s happening at the border, Stephen Miller, who joined Tucker on his show, explains it perfectly with two bone-chilling words:

“Planned Resettlement.”

You can watch the videos below:

The main takeaway from this has to be that conservatives aren’t “conserving” anything.

We capitulate to the left, and we give them an “inch” on everything – and we still don’t realize that in doing that, they will come in and take miles.

This is why we’re losing everything that’s near and dear to us.

Education, church, military, traditional family, voting…everything.


The Dems can’t make these moves without conservatives who stand by and allow them to take over.

We need fighters in DC, and at the local level, because right now, this “uni-party” BS we’ve got will be the death of this country.

Moving forward, we need to get rid of establishment dopes like McCarthy and McConnell. These two men are part of the problem, not the solution.

Trust me, we can find someone else who can push judges through at a record pace, without sacrificing everything else we believe in on the altar of progressive globalism.

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