Obama just said the “quiet” part out loud.

The part that we already all knew, but he just confirmed it.

Former President Barack Obama spoke out on Tuesday to brag that Joe Biden is “finishing the job” that his administration started.

Yep. Barry’s lousy “third term…”

This has been the plot all along.


“I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job,” Obama told the New York Times. “And I think it’ll be an interesting test. Ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about, whether it’s the Affordable Care Act or our climate change agenda and the Paris [climate deal], and figuring out how do we improve the ladders to mobility through things like community colleges.”

Obama then talked about why he feels so many voters elected Donald Trump in 2016 after eight years of him being in power.

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“It’s hard to just underscore how much the bank bailouts just angered everyone, including me,” Obama said, referring to the remedy for the 2008 financial crisis he helped lead. “And then you have this long, slow recovery. Although the economy recovers technically quickly, it’s another five years before we’re really back to people feeling like, ‘OK, the economy is moving and working for me.’”

“… Let’s say a Democrat, a Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton had immediately succeeded me, and the economy suddenly has 3% unemployment, I think we would have consolidated the sense that, ‘Oh, actually these policies that Obama put in place worked,'” he added. “The fact that Trump interrupts essentially the continuation of our policies, but still benefits from the economic stability and growth that we had initiated, means people aren’t sure. Well, gosh, unemployment’s 3.5% under Donald Trump.”

Obama went on to discuss Biden’s alleged ability to reach voters, particularly in post-industrial midwestern states, who voted Obama then switched to Trump.

“By virtue of biography and generationally,” Obama said, adding that Biden “can still reach some of those folks”.


“People knew I was left on issues like race, or gender equality, and LGBTQ issues and so forth,” Obama said. “But I think maybe the reason I was successful campaigning in downstate Illinois, or Iowa, or places like that is they never felt as if I was condemning them for not having gotten to the politically correct answer quick enough, or that somehow they were morally suspect because they had grown up with and believed more traditional values.”

Obama also predicted that a successful Biden presidency “will have an impact” on a deeply polarized political landscape.


“Does [success for Biden] override that sort of identity politics that has come to dominate Twitter, and the media, and that has seeped into how people think about politics?” Obama questioned. “Probably not completely. But at the margins, if you’re changing 5% of the electorate, that makes a difference.”


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