We all knew that it was bad news for Netflix when the radical Obamas joined the ranks.


This is the stuff that they’re pushing:

It was only a matter of time before the streaming giant went off the “woke” rails and alienated themselves from average (normal/sane) Americans.

And now, here we are…Netflix is currently hemorrhaging subscribers at a shocking rate, as their offensive “woke” content piles up.

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MORE NEWS: Looks Like Another Trump-Hating RINO is About to Bite The Political Dust

Breitbart reported that Netflix lost nearly a half-million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada during the second quarter in a surprising consumer rebuke as the streamer continues to embrace left-wing politics and woke content, including a new slate of programming from Barack and Michelle Obama.

The exodus also reflects a growing public disenchantment with paid streaming services in general, but particularly Netflix, as Americans grow weary of rising prices and over-hyped content while embracing other forms of entertainment post-lockdown.


The streamer said it lost 430,000 subscribers domestically for the period,  the first time it has bled subscribers in two years when it lost 100,000 subscribers during the second quarter of 2019. Wall Street views subscriptions as the key indicator of Netflix’s financial health because it is the best gauge of the company’s future cash flow.

Of course, the “wokesters” at Netflix will never blame their twisted and failed progressive agenda for this recent massive loss of subscribers.

They’re just like the NFL and NBA, who won’t blame their woke policies for abysmal ratings. They like to blame it on “COVID” – which makes no sense. Aren’t more people sitting at home doing nothing, more than ever before?

But American consumers appear to be re-evaluating their relationships with Netflix post-lockdown.

As Breitbart News reported, a recent survey showed nearly one-third of respondents are planning on canceling the streaming services they are currently using once the U.S. fully reopens. Among respondents seeking to cancel their streaming services, 46 percent said Netflix is getting canceled, while 34 percent said Hulu, and another 34 percent said Amazon Prime.

Netflix is claiming that its loss is due to seasonality and the already large size of its North American customer base. The streamer made no mention of its increasingly left-wing content as well as the openly partisan public positions its executives have taken in recent months.


Sure bet, you keep believing that, and we’ll keep watching your numbers nose-dive.

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