We’re you wondering why all of a sudden Fox News and GOP started pushing the vaccine?


It’s getting pretty over the top – Sean Hannity is pushing it so hard that you half expect him to offer “promo code Hannity” for your second jab.

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Even Steve Doocy is pushing the vaccine, and Mitch McConnell is now telling Republicans to get the jab or get locked down again.

Fear, and threats – that’s all they know.

Even Newsmax started hucking the vax.


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Well, it now looks like we may know why everyone is jumping on the “vaccine bandwagon.”

There’s some new info out that shows Americans are not buying all the “fear” that some pro-vaccine folks have been selling, and I think panic is starting to set in.

Breitbart reported that a majority of Americans oppose being forced or coerced into getting a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released this week found.

The survey asked respondents, “Do you believe taking COVID vaccines should be mandatory, or should taking the vaccine be a personal choice?”

Overall, 71.4 percent said vaccines should be a “personal choice,” 21.8 percent said they should be “mandatory,” and 6.8 percent remain unsure.

That general sentiment holds across party lines, as 58.7 percent of Democrats believe it should be a personal choice, as do 87.3 percent of Republicans and 67.2 percent of independent voters. However, one-third of Democrats, 33 percent, believe vaccines should be mandatory.

“These numbers reveal that hundreds of millions of social media messages, a constant stream of propaganda from the press, paid TV and radio ad campaigns coast-to-coast, daily hammering from Biden Administration officials, and cajoling from influencers and celebrities on every possible communication platform are having one profound effect on the public. It’s all backfiring, ” Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said in a statement.

That is such damning news for globalist politicians and movers and shakers who are tied at the hip with Big Pharma, and who don’t want to see the stock market dip.

Remember, elites have gotten very, very rich off of this COVID gravy train and they’re not about to let up now.

But much to their chagrin, “vaccine choice” is clearly a bipartisan issue – as it should be. Good news for us, bad news for globalists.

The vast majority of conservatives believe this is a very personal choice and that should be made between a person with their family and their doctor’s input – and it should have nothing to do with your local dopey politician or news anchor.


And the people I know who are leery of the vaccine are not low-info dummies who believe random “memes” or follow “misinformation.”

Quite the opposite, actually.

Simply put, they’re concerned about injecting a drug into their body that hasn’t gone through the years-long drug trials to become fully FDA approved. They want to make sure that all side effects are listed and possible drug interactions are also known…and that can only happen over years of monitoring and testing. Period. There’s no way around that process.

It takes time.

And that’s a perfectly reasonable concern. Especially when it comes to a virus with a 99.8+ survival rate.

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