As a former PR pro, I can always spot when someone is in “branding distress.”


And Kamala is a mess. She has definitely fallen.

But she didn’t have very far to fall. After all, Kamala was such a dud that she was forced to drop out of the Dem primary because nobody wanted her.

And, just like th0se primary Dem voters, the American people have also discovered that they don’t like Kamala.

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Kamala comes off as phony, cold, rude, and inept.

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She doesn’t seem like she’s qualified for the job and it shows with her awful answers, stupid statements, and that godforsaken nervous cackle – it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Brit Hume put it best when he called Kamala a “lightweight.”

Brit’s right. She is a lightweight and that’s why she lands herself in so many pickles.

The way Kamala behaved about the border and going to visit the mess she and Joe created was ridiculous and really damaged her “brand” even more.

And now, she’s back at it…


This time the flubs are regarding voter ID…Kamala, like all Dems, is desperate to stop all voter ID laws. They call it”racist” by claiming back Americans are too dumb to figure out how to get an ID – it’s so insulting. In reality, IDs ruin their hopes of cheating – especially using mail-in ballots.

But now, Kamala isn’t just insulting black Americans — she’s also insulting rural bumpkins, by claiming they can’t photocopy their IDs because there are no “Kinkos” around them…

Um, Kamala? Kinkos have been out of business for a decade…

Well, a new FIT AND TRIM Mike Huckabee (have you seen how good he looks?) has a few choice words for smug Kamala and her snobby and elitist attitude.

You can watch the video below:


To be honest, Dems are looking silly, grasping at these insulting and stupid straws to try and stop voter ID, while the entire country has to show IDs for eveyyhing under the sun…so, their efforts are not working – we will enact voter integrity in this country if it’s the last thing we do.

Because if we don’t, we’ll never win anything again.

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