Well, I think it’s safe to say that the Biden admin has completely failed at this whole “pandemic” thing. It’s a mess from top to bottom – and it’s gotten so bad, that now even hardcore NYC liberal Trump-haters like actor Michael Rappaport are “friggen pissed.”


What’s happening now – is a wild scenario, where the vaccinated are now spewing the so-called “Delta variant” all over the place.

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This is why the CDC, Surgeon General, and Fauci are calling on the vaccinated to mask up, so they can keep vulnerable people and unvaccinated safe.

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What a mess.

And OANN is reporting that the scene is utterly chaotic in Biden’s so-called White House.


And as this info becomes more public, the vaccinated folks are getting angry – many people who are vaccinated did so to protect themselves and their vulnerable loved ones…and now, they’re discovering that they’re actually a “biohazard” to everyone.

Michael Rappaport had that discovery recently while watching CNN, and even Fox News, and he’s livid at Fauci.

Michael says he went from a “hero” to a “superspreader.”

You can watch the video below:

That’s a pretty stunning plot twist when you think about it.


I think it will be next to impossible to get people to take the vaccine now – although, their new strategy could be “get vaccinated to protect yourself from the vaccinated.”

What a mess this is – and again, further reason why years-long drug trials are a must.

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