What the heck is happening to the US?


It’s like we’re on a bullet train, going down the tubes at record speed.

The Olympics used to be our place to shine – but now that “activist athletes” have taken over, it’s no longer about scoring baskets, it’s about scoring social justice points.

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It’s really too bad, you hate to see your country stink it up on the world stage, but at the same time, we need a “wake-up call” and hopefully these abysmal failures will do just that.

And this latest failure is pretty epic.


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The US men’s basketball team just lost their Olympic opener to France, of all people.

Some are actually calling the humiliating loss a “chokefest.”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Team USA are not clowns, they’re the whole circus”

“Maybe less kneeling and more practicing?”

“Can they get the gold medal for most woke?” 

“can someone explain how team usa is losing to these teams? Is no one playing defense? Can we not score??”

“this is what happens when you have a bunch of spoiled individuals playing for themselves and not their country. Again “no I in team”

“This is embarrassing. Team USA is a joke and they should NEVER represent this country after this ABYSMAL performance”

“Just a friendly reminder that it’s a team sport, no surprise all the Europeans are dominating the NBA these days because all we have are narcissistic activist athletes.” 

“If nobody is watching did the loss really happen? YES IT DID, and it’s HILARIOUS!”

“Good. I’m rooting for all these commies to lose.” 

It’s too bad that the Olympics has also got “political.”


Sadly, nowadays, nothing is safe from being politicized by the left.
That’s how they take over whatever they want – by politicizing it like a swarm of cockroaches.
Everyone else backs away in horror and leaves the left to feast on it: sports, Hollywood, streaming, military, church, you name it.

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