If you didn’t know by now, Kamala Harris – one of the most unlikeable politicians in the United States – went on national TV and insulted rural Americans.


Yes, once again, in an effort to kibosh any “voter ID” or ID for mail-in ballots, Kamala Harris is out there claiming that rural American bumpkins are too stupid and clueless to even figure out how to make a photocopy.

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That’s her argument as to why there shouldn’t be any required photocopies of state ID with mail-in ballots…Kamala says it’s almost “impossible” for rural Americans to get things “xeroxed.”

What the heck…


That comment on its own is elitist, rude, and completely clueless and it’s also out of touch with how things actually work in America. This type of argument is reminiscent of when Dems say voter ID is “racist” because black people are too dumb to figure out how to get an ID.

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Kamala Harris, a woman who has been “gifted” everything she’s ever gotten in her elitist life, from Willie Brown to Joe Biden, doesn’t know anything about everyday rural Americans or black people, for that matter.

And speaking of being out of touch….an OANN reporter noticed something interesting about that interview where Kamala insults rural Americans and it’s sure-fire proof that Kamala is completely and totally out of touch with most people in this country.

Here’s what reporter Jack Posobiec said: “Not only does Kamala say rural Americans can’t make photocopies, she says they don’t have Kinkos, which hasn’t existed for over a decade”

You know, that may seem like a “little thing” to some, but it’s actually not.

It’s a clear-cut indication of how out of the loop this elitist liberal politician is – and how little she truly cares about anything or anyone that she’s talking about.

She’s now speaking in disgusting “stereotypes” and doesn’t even have the courtesy to try and get the ugly stereotype even a little bit correct.


Kinkos hasn’t been around for over a decade – yet, this is what Kamala uses as her “example” for why rural Americans can’t be productive members of society.

Wow, she’s really “up” on the latest info, right? She really took a lot of time to “research.”

That’s another really insulting part of all this. She’s just throwing out rude comments, and claiming it’s “fact.”

That’s called “fake news.”

I bet that Kamala also thinks these bumpkins spend their weekends at “Blockbuster.”

She’s a disgusting phony.

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