Joe Biden and Jen Psaki want anyone who dares to question the vaccine or discuss what *might* be wrong with it, removed from social media…all of the social media….every site on the planet, as a matter of fact.


Biden also says that “misinformation” about the vaccine is “killing people” on Facebook.

I guess people read one “wrong” meme and just drop dead, right there on the spot?

Of course, Biden didn’t cite any “source” to back up his Facebook death claims, I’m guessing he got that bit of information from a place in his mind called “Dementia,” but who knows?

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So, keeping all of that in mind – will Jen and Joe be calling for himself and Kamala to be removed from social media now?

Do you think President Biden should be impeached for the crisis in Afghanistan and loss of American lives?

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That’s right, we found clips of Kamala and Joe apparently trying to “kill people” by spreading so-called “misinformation” about the vaccine.

Are they “killing” Americans, and is what they’re doing worse than the Civil War and 9/11 combined?

Inquiring minds want to know…



Here are what people online are saying:

“How it ended: “The unvaccinated are killing people” says the president of the United States.” 

“Is…is this misinformation?” 

“hilarious. feckless garbage cans. all. of. them.”

“Political Science”

“These people are beyond contempt. This is actually evil.”

“Psychopaths act like that. How have we let them get this far considering this, the Hunter laptop and the censoring?”

“If a politician tells me I should take it…I am not taking it. I will talk to my doctor and make my own decision. not just because “they” say so”


What these scumbag politicians are doing to us in the name of “political power” is treasonous.

And the funny part is, Joe knows exactly why many Americans won’t take the vaccine – it’s not just because of “misinformation” – it’s because the vaccine hasn’t gone through the years of proper trials and testing yet.

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