Tonight, Joe Biden participated in a “fluff” CNN town hall event…and I use the term “event” very loosely.


And it was an epic disaster.

One of his worst yet.

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The man is declining right before our very eyes, and the most bizarre part of it is that everyone in the media ignores it like it’s not even happening.

I noticed lately that they’re trying to bring back the “childhood stutter” excuse. That went away for a while, but it’s been making a comeback as things just get so incredibly bad.

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And speaking of bad – tonight was just a mess.

So bad, that one Twitter user went after “evil” Jill Biden…and he nailed it:


I wish I could tell you what Joe was saying, or trying to say, during the CNN town hall, but I don’t know. He literally was talking “gibberish” on live TV.

It will leave you shocked, trust me.


And then there was this comment:

I will tell you, this guy does not do good in the evenings.

He definitely shows more “dementia-like” qualities at night.

I can see why they call a “lid” on his day early.


I’m shocked they don’t pre-tape these “town halls.”

I guess they’d get a lot of grief for doing that – it’s got to be exhausting being a Biden Handler, and trying to duct tape Joe together and make him “look” like a leader.

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